From Stonehenge to Santa Claus, The Evolution of Christmas by Paul Frodsham


This is the story of everyone’s favourite time of year! 

Q.  What does Stonehenge have to do with Christmas?
Q.  How did the Romans celebrate midwinter?
Q.  Was Jesus really born on 25 December?
Q.  How did the medieval church merge the celebration of the nativity with earlier pagan tradition?
Q.  Why did parliament abolish Christmas in the 17th Century?
Q.  What are the origins of Christmas trees, carols and crackers?
Q.  Why is Christmas the world’s favourite holiday?
Q.  And who is Santa Claus?

In a 5000 year journey through the history of midwinter, this book considers all these questions and more, providing some fascinating answers. Presented in an accessible and entertaining style, it represents ideal reading for the festive season.


Local author, Paul Frodsham has worked as a professional archaeologist for a quarter of a century, mostly in northern England, and has published several books and numerous articles on a variety of archaeological themes. 

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