Another Escape - Volume 8


"One's destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things." – Henry Miller

Numerous journeys begin with a curious intrigue that beckons exploration. For many, the overwhelming draw of the unfamiliar is often too exciting to resist. For some, it is the thirst to discover or learn something new that drives them. And for others, embarking on a new journey marks the beginning of a change or challenge.

Setting our sights on an end point can be motivating, but it is rarely our destination that shapes us most. Influenced by our experiences and interactions with others, our journeys can redefine our ways of seeing and open us up to different ways of life.

Not all journeys require us to venture far; many of our most momentous feats begin with just a simple resolution. In this volume, we are inspired by those who courageously take on new challenges, whether epic or everyday, and we hear stories of personal conquest and growth. We learn that it's never too late to undertake a new chapter, and that some of life's most enriching adventures present themselves when they are least expected, often with unforeseen detours along the way.

The paths and journeys we choose are life-changing, and each begins with just a single step.

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