Another Escape - Volume 6


As the land begins to glisten and turn white with the changing season, our natural inclination is to slink into hibernation. This volume encourages the embrace of these natural rhythms – the slowing down and savouring of moments – but without retreating from our intrinsic relationship with the natural world. We wrap up warm and head outdoors to discover stories of passion and perseverance; we look to understand how scenes of snow-laden peaks and majestic mountains have long inspired explorers and artists, how living in challenging terrain can incite considered ways of living, and how pushing past our comfort zones can open up unbounded adventure.

  • Exploration of the untamed, wild mountains of the Haute Alps
  • Beating the blues and staying motivated in the colder months
  • Understanding the power of nature in snow-laden terrain and how to navigate the mountain environment
  • Considered living in Iceland, a land of extremes, and innovative use of geothermal energy
  • Stepping out into chilly landscapes with four outdoorsmen to understand their relationship with the great outdoors in the wintertime
  • Understanding how local foraging, eating seasonally and reintroducing forgotten foods can keep us tethered to the natural world across the seasons
  • Keeping warm with natural fibres, ethical production, animal welfare, and the heritage of wool in Yorkshire, UK
  • Learning how the natural world and cold weather experience can inspire creative practice


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